Saturday, December 19, 2009

Day 8: Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale

Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale:
Work hard, have fun, fulfill your calling.

The story so far ~

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Today ~ Day 8:

My angle:

The eldest son may be you or someone else in your life. Maybe he’s your own fears and your inner critic. Maybe he’s one of the nay-sayers you know—those people who tell you your dreams are impossible and to buckle down and get real.

Also— the eldest son didn’t “Tough It Out” and he didn’t “Do More; Always Do More” —two pieces of wise advice from Donald Trump (scroll down for more from Mr. Trump).

The mystical angle:

The eldest son traveled for more than a month. Finally, in a remote mountain pass, he came upon a fantastic Dragon Tower. Guarding the tower was a fierce protector spirit, and standing nearby was a stone horse.

“Where are you going?” demanded the guardian. “To find my mother’s tapestry,” replied the son. “That heavenly tapestry was whisked away by the fairies of Sun Mountain so that they could weave copies of it,” explained the guardian.

“You can get the tapestry back, but it will be very difficult. First you must knock out your two front teeth and place them in my horse’s mouth. He will come to life and eat these magic apples. If you dare, ride him to Sun Mountain.”

“First, you will have to pass through the Mountain of Fire. If you utter the slightest complaint, you will instantly be burned to ashes. Then you will have to cross the Sea of Ice, where, if you make the slightest shudder, you will be frozen into a crystal pillar!”

The eldest son’s face became as white as a ghost’s. The guardian studied him long and hard and then said, “Perhaps you would rather have a box of jewels!”

The guardian held out a box of fabulous jewels. The eldest son took the treasure and left without saying a word.

On his way home, the eldest son thought aloud, “Why should I share these with my family?”

So he didn’t go home. Instead, he went to the city and kept all the jewels for himself.

The Trump angle:

Donald Trump in Trump 101: The Way to Success: “I’ve been very lucky, and I’ve had many advantages like a great education and fabulous parents. I’m also tough, determined, and persistent, and there’s no way I would have become successful without these traits.

“Constantly try to top yourself. Begin by working with your internal processes; for example, how you greet each day. Before you get out of bed, take a few moments to welcome the day. Think of the reasons why today can be special or important for your future. Say aloud to yourself, 'What a great day!' …

“I thrive on challenges—on doing what others think cannot be done. I use challenges for self-motivation. To me, the best challenges are the ones I give myself…

“Never be satisfied. Don’t rest on your achievements. Do more, be more, and give more.”

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