Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Day 1: Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale

Donald Trump’s hair changed my life—and starting today, it may change yours, too.

My story begins before Donald Trump’s hair came into my life — on the serendipitous day in fall 2006, when I discovered a certain Chinese folktale in the children’s section of my library. The folktale is called The Magic Tapestry, and is retold and illustrated in an out-of-print book by the children’s author Demi.

The Magic Tapestry captivated me as a story, and even more so as a blueprint for success and achieving my dreams. But because it’s a mystical story, I kept losing my mental grip on how to actually apply what it teaches.

Then Donald Trump arrived in my life.

Until January 2007, here’s all I knew about Donald Trump: success, rich, hair, confident. I didn’t watch “The Apprentice,” had not read Donald Trump’s books, and didn’t know any details of his career in real estate development. But one night that January, Donald Trump called into
“Larry King Live” and started talking about his hair— which he loves. Larry King mentioned how Rosie O’Donnell was mocking his hair, but Donald could not have cared less. He LOVES his hair. And I thought, “I want that kind of confidence.”

I immediately read three of Donald Trump’s books:
The Art of the Deal, How to Get Rich, and Trump 101: The Way to Success — and immersed myself in his attitude and approaches.

As I read his books, I realized how much Donald Trump’s perspectives jive and mesh with
The Magic Tapestry.

In fact, Donald Trump and this Chinese folktale interweave into a phenomenal blend of the mystical and the pragmatic, creating a powerful blueprint for success — how to achieve your dreams.

Beginning tomorrow, I will show you how.

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