Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 4: Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale

Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale:
Work hard. Have fun. Fulfill your calling.

The story so far ~

Today ~ Day 4:

My angle:
I let my intuition guide and re-energize me for the work I need to do.

The mystical angle:

The Magic Tapestry: "The youngest son understood his mother’s heart, so he alone went up to the mountain every day and chopped enough wood for the whole family."

The Trump angle:

Donald Trump in Trump 101: "Your gut is your best advisor. Identify your values and most cherished beliefs. Reinforce in your mind what is most important to you. Simply thinking about your values will influence the decisions you make…

Arrange some quiet time for yourself every day because it’s hard to think clearly when you’re always surrounded by commotion. Sometimes we have to tune out to tune in."

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