Friday, December 11, 2009

Day 5: Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale

Donald Trump and a Chinese Folktale:
Work hard, have fun, fulfill your calling.

The story so far ~

Today ~ Day 5:

My angle:
Fulfilling my calling as a writer is part divine inspiration, and part the grassroots drudgery of putting pen to paper.

The mystical angle:

The Magic Tapestry: "A year passed. The poor woman kept weaving every day. And she wove every night by the light of burning pine branches. The smoke hurt her eyes so much they became red. But still she would not stop. When her tears began to drop on her work, she wove them into the fabric as a clear flowing river and a crystal pool for fish...

"Another year passed and her reddened eyes began to bleed. She wove those tears of blood into the fabric as rays of the sun and petals of crimson flowers."

The Trump angle:

"Where there’s a will, then a win. Being positive and persistent are inseparable…"

"Zap negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Whatever energy you expend will build the positive stamina that is vital for success."

"Keep Your Momentum Rolling…the powerful burst of energy that creates force, strength and the impetus to drive you forward."

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