Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emmanuel Onyango and his blog, Knowledge Matters

Emmanuel Onyango writes his award-winning blog, Knowledge Matters, from Tanzania. I discovered Mr. Onyango's work at Global Voices Online, while reading news of Tanzania and Dar Es Salaam.

Mr. Onyango is a journalist based in Dar Es Salaam. Currently he is on assignment in the southern region of Tanzania, in Iringa town, doing research on tourism.

Mr. Onyango opens his May 8, 2009 blog post this way:

"TANZANIA is one of the unique destinations on the African continent that has yet to be discovered by many of its citizens who are still unaware of some attractive historical sites located in the country, probably this is due to the fact that tourist sites are far away from traditional media publicity. There are a lot to be explored in Southern Highland regions in terms of tourism for the historical and archaeological ventures in places like the Isimila stone age site where one can view wonderful stone pillars formed as a result of soil erosion on the land leaving the red standing pillars that occurred hundreds of years ago."

To read more of Emmanuel Onyango's blog, click this link to Knowledge Matters.

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