Friday, June 26, 2009

Digital Activism - Ndesanjo Macha and more

I agree with digital activist Ndesanjo Macha on these points he makes in the film The Truth According to Wikipedia:

  • We need to "decolonize cyberspace."
  • "Web 2.0 is participatory...there is a sense of collective ownership."
  • "Freedom of expression is not just for journalists."
  • I'm an advocate for "the sum of all knowledge - expert and non-expert; one is not less than the other."
  • "The concept of 'truth' is socially constructed...and historically and culturally specific."
  • The original meaning of amateurs is people who love what they do.

Click this link to my Saturday, June 20 post on this blog to watch The Truth According to Wikipedia.

In the spirit of digital activism, I wanted to share three stories from the past week's news -- each one addressing a different aspect of getting Africa and Africans online.

Kenya Safaricom has launched Kenya's first mobile internet portal.

"The eagerly awaited fibre optic cable - Teams - in East Africa has run into trouble. The latest revelations come just as the Kenyan government moved in to allay fears over the East African Marine Systems (Teams) disputed landing permit at the historic cultural site of Fort Jesus, Mombasa..." Click here to read the story in Daily News Online (Dar Es Salaam).

Could mobile phone technology improve health care in rural Uganda?

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