Saturday, September 19, 2009

Kanga shopping at Kariakoo with Bashir and Mr. Iddi - photos and links

Left to right: Bashir - my translator, guide, and rafiki; wanaume wawili (two men) of the kanga shop at Kariakoo; and delighted mzungu (Caucasian) - me! Photo by Mr. Iddi, my taxi driver, guide, and rafiki.

Top photo: approaching the kanga shop.

"The Kanga is still evolving. Like the T-shirt, but incomparably more elegant and useful, it is a valuable medium for personal political, social and religious expression. As an art form as well as a beautiful, convenient garment, the kanga has become an integral part of East African culture. As the saying goes, "The kanga struts in style..." Wear it with a smile!" (from Kanga History at the excellent Swahili Language & Culture website)

Click here for Kanga History
Click here for Kanga Writings - 143 kanga writings in Kiswahilli with English translations.

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